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Study on the Effect of Chewing Gum on Intestinal Preparation in Patients



Objective: the clinical expected effect of planned chewing gum during colonoscopy patients during bowel preparation. Methods: from March to May 2019, 68 inpatients in the gastroenterology department of Shanxi Province Fenyang Hospital who needed to undergo colonoscopy were selected and divided into the control group and the observation group according to the random numbertable method, with 34 cases in each group. The control group used traditional bowel preparation methods for bowel preparation, while the observation group chewed sugar-free chewing gum during the interval between taking and refreshing as required. The occurrence of adverse reactions during bowel preparation, medication compliance and bowel cleanliness were evaluated in the two groups of patients. Results: compared with the control group, the observation group had fewer adverse reactions such as nausea and vomiting, improved medication compliance, and improved the effect of bowel preparation. Conclusion: chewing gum planned for colonoscopy patients during bowel preparation can improve nausea, vomiting and other adverse reactions and medication compliance, improve the effect of bowel preparation,and provide a guarantee for the smooth progress of colonoscopy. Clinical effect Good and worth promoting.


colonoscopy; sham feeding; adverse reactions; intestinal cleanliness

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