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Observation on Effect of 0.05% Cyclosporine Eye Drops Combined with 0.3% Sodium Hyaluronate Eye Drops on Dry Eyes after Cataract Surgery



Objective: to observe the curative effect of 0.05% cyclosporine eye drops combined with 0.3% sodium hyaluronate on dry eyes after cataract surgery. Methods: from June 2021 to September 2021, 78 patients (78 eyes) who underwent Phaco+IOL surgery in our hospital were diagnosed with dry eye after routine use of eye drops for one month. They were randomly divided into two groups according to the order of treatment, with 39 cases in each group. The control group used 0.3% sodium hyaluronate eye drops, while the observation group used 0.05% cyclosporine eye drops combined with 0.3% glass. Results: after treatment, BUT and SIt of the two groups were significantly longer than before treatment, while FL was significantly lower than before treatment. All indexes of the observation group combined with 0.05% cyclosporine eye drops were better, that is, BUT, SIt and FL were better, and the total effective rate of the observation group was significantly higher than that of the control group, with statistical significance (P<0.05). Conclusion: for dry eyes after cataract surgery, the application of 0.05% cyclosporine eye drops combined with 0.3 sodium hyaluronate eye drops has obvious curative effect, which is worth popularizing.


0.05% cyclosporine; 0.3% sodium hyaluronate; dry eyes after cataract surgery

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