Mechanical Engineering Science

Application of Xgboost Feature Extraction in Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing

WANGXingang, WANGChao


Due to the difficulty that excessive feature dimension in fault diagnosis of rolling bearing will lead to the decrease of classification accuracy, a fault diagnosis method based on Xgboost algorithm feature extraction is proposed. When the Xgboost algorithm classifies features, it generates an order of importance of the input features. The time domain features were extracted from the vibration signal of the rolling bearing, the time-frequency features were formed by the singular value of the modal components that were decomposed by the variational mode decomposition. Firstly, the extracted time domain and time-frequency domain features were input into the support vector machine respectively to observe the fault diagnosis accuracy. Then, Xgboost algorithm was used to rank the importance of features and got the accuracy of fault diagnosis. Finally, important features were extracted and the extracted features were input into the support vector machine to observe the fault diagnosis accuracy. The result shows that the fault diagnosis accuracy of rolling bearing is improved after important feature extraction in time domain and time-frequency domain by Xgboost.


fault diagnosis;rolling bearing;xgboost;feature extraction;support vector machine

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