Mechanical Engineering Science

Research on Influence Mechanism of Transmission Accuracy for Harmonic Drive Mechanism Considering Multi-factor Coupling

ZHAOPeng, ZHANGShuang, LIUYang


The influence mechanism of transmission accuracy for harmonic drive mechanism considering multi-factor coupling was studied. According to analysis of influence factors of transmission accuracy for harmonic drive mechanism, it was obtained that the transmission errors of harmonic drive mechanism include processing errors and installation errors. The transmission error is produced by eccentric vector, it directly affects the rotation angle of output shaft and it makes harmonic drive mechanism produce backlash. Then analyze the movement error caused by the rigid wheel machining error, the flexible wheel machining error, the assembly error of the rigid wheel and the flexible wheel, the wave generator component, and the comprehensive expression method of motion error generated by each error source was obtained. The performance test device of space drive mechanism was used to test, and the law of the transmission accuracy of harmonic drive mechanism with temperature, speed and assembly clearance was obtained. The test results show that the transmission accuracy of harmonic drive mechanism decreases with increasing temperature, and the speed has little effect on the transmission accuracy of harmonic drive mechanism; the assembly quality has a significant impact on harmonic drive accuracy.


harmonic drive mechanism, transmission accuracy, error source

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