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Research on Leak Location of Liquid-filled Pipe Based on Frequency Dispersion Characteristics



Due to the material problems and force majeure factors, the leakage will be occurred on the liquid-filled pipe resulting in waste of resources, environmental pollution and even endangering safety. Acoustic wave detection technology is widely used in buried pipeline leak detection, this technology mainly uses the wave (n=0, s=1) in the pipeline acoustic wave to locate the leak. When the leakage acoustic signal propagates along the liquid-filled pipe, the frequency dispersion characteristics can be obtained by wavelet decomposition. And there is a time delay (time difference) value between the leaky acoustic signals collected by the sensors at both ends of the leak. The outputs show that the results obtained by wavelet decomposition are in good agreement with the theoretical calculation results. Based on the obtained dispersion relation, the time delay values at different characteristic frequencies are analyzed by the cross-correlation method, and the leak location accuracy is discussed. This research content provides theoretical support and engineering application guidance for pipe leakage location technology.


liquid-filled pipe; frequency dispersion characteristics; leak location; time delay estimation value

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