Mechanical Engineering Science

Deformation Analysis and Fixture Design of Thin-walled Cylinder in Drilling Process Based on TRIZ Theory

WANGFulin, SHENGBo, WUYongwen, LIJiawang, XUZhou, ZHUZhaoxia


Thin-walled cylindrical workpiece is easy to deform during machining and clamping processes due to the insufficient rigidi. Moreover, it’s also difficult to ensure the perpendicularity of flange holes during drilling process. In this paper, the element birth and death technique is used to obtain the axial deformation of the hole through finite element simulation. The measured value of the perpendicularity of the hole was compared with the simulated value to verify then the rationality of the simulation model. To reduce the perpendicularity error of the hole in the drilling process, the theory of inventive principle solution (TRIZ) was used to analyze the drilling process of thin-walled cylinder, and the corresponding fixture was developed to adjust the supporting surface height adaptively. Three different fixture supporting layout schemes were used for numerical simulation of drilling process, and the maximum, average and standard deviation of the axial deformation of the flange holes and their maximum hole perpendicularity errors were comparatively analyzed, and the optimal arrangement was optimized. The results show that the proposed deformation control strategy can effectively improve the drilling deformation of thin-walled cylindrical workpiece, thereby significantly improving the machining quality of the parts.


thin-walled cylindrical parts; fixture; deformation analysis; drilling; TRIZ theory

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