Mechanical Engineering Science

The Additive Manufacturing Process of Electric Power Fittings Fabricated by Metal Droplet Deposition

WuHaiHua, ZhaoGuangxi, WeiZhengying


Metal droplet deposition is a kind of additive manufacturing (3D Printing) technique that fabricates near-net part through droplets deposition with lower cost and higher efficiency. This paper proposed a solution to problems of electric power fittings that large inventories, high procurement costs, low manufacturing efficiency and transportation cost. Using additive Manufacturing technique - metal droplet deposition, electric power fittings fabricated on power construction site. This paper describes the manufacturing process of typical thin-walled samples (the structure optimized based on additive manufacturing principle) and ball head rings of electric power fittings. Aiming at the integral AM forming for ball and ball socket electric power fitting workpiece, a novel easy removal forming support material (ceramics and gypsum mixed with UV cured resin) have been developed. Here this support material was used to fabricate nested integral workpieces. Dimensional accuracy and microstructure of the test pieces were analyzed. The error of the height and width of the forming workpiece is within 5%. No obvious overlap trace (such as overlap line and cracks) observed, and the internal microstructure is equiaxial crystal. The average density of the component is 99.51%, which measured by drainage method and 13.39% higher than the cast raw material.


Additive manufacturing; Metal droplets; Electric power fittings; Thin-walled sample; Ball head rings workpiece

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