Mechanical Engineering Science

Strength Evaluation of a Bogie Frame by Different Methods

ChenDaoyun, SunShouguang, LiQiang


Some crucial loads that current strength design specifications have not taken into ac-count are also considered when assessing the strength of abogie frame. Calculation methods of these loads come from load analysis. Finite element simulation and fa-tigue test rig have been used to assess static strength and fatigue strength of a bogie frame. In addition to the two methods, actual running test is also used to assess bogie frame fatigue strength. In finite element simulation method, endurance limit and modified Goodman fatigue limit diagram are two important tools to judge whether fatigue strength of a bogie frame meets requirement. In actual running test method, Miner linear cumulative damage rule is used to assess bogie frame fatigue strength. Endurance limit and modified Goodman fatigue limit diagram are two effective tools to judge fatigue strength of the frame. For the measured dynamic stress data, Miner linear cumulative damage rule seems to be very effective when judging fatigue strength of the frame. All the above methods have proved that static and fatigue strength of the tested bogie frame meets requirement.


Strength; Bogie frame; Finite elements; Fatigue test rig; Actual running test

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