Mechanical Engineering Science

Process and Component Analysis on S-CO2 Cooling Wall in the Coal-fired Boiler Power System

FANYuanhong, YANGDanlei, TANGGuihua, LIXiaolong


The supercritical carbon dioxide (S-CO2 ) cooling wall in coal-fired boiler suffers from severe fragile crisis due to the high temperature of S-CO2 . The analysis of both heat transfer at process scale and cooling wall arrangement at component scale were carried out in present work. At the process scale, the difference in heat transfer performance between the smooth tube and the rifled tube were identified, especially the location of maximum outer wall temperature of cooling wall. The 1-D mathematical model for thermal-hydraulic analysis of S-CO2 furnace cooling wall tubes was then developed. At the component scale, the coupled model of combustion and S-CO2 heat transfer is employed for studying the thermal-hydraulic performance of rifled-spiral (R-S) and smooth-spiral (S-S) cooling wall arrangements. The maximum outer wall temperature of R-S cooling wall is 16.38℃ lower while the pressure drop increases by 2.33 times compared with the S-S cooling wall. Considering the pressure drop penalty on cycle efficiency of S-CO2 boiler power system, the R-S cooling wall is not recommended, while the S-S cooling wall should be carefully arranged in S-CO2 boilers.


thermal fragile; heat transfer; correlation; cooling wall arrangement; spiral

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