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Experimental Investigation on Vibration Reduction Performance of Fiber Metal Laminate Beams with MRE Core

HANJintong, WANGWenyu, WANGXintong, HUXiaoyue, WANGZiheng, GAOZhijiang, LIHui


The vibration reduction characteristics of composite beams filled with magnetorheological elastomer core are studied experimentally. The fiber metal laminates with magnetorheological elastomers core is self-designed and prepared. Internal magnetic field is applied to the beam to explore its action of damping vibration performance under the magnetic field for the first time. The composite elements test system with controllable magnetic field intensity is designed and the function of each part is introduced. Then, a set of reasonable and standard vibration test flow of this type of composite beam under different magnetic field intensity is clarified, and the practical test is conducted. It has been found that the composite beam has excellent damping performance with the first 4 damping ratios being greater than 10%. Moreover, after the magnetic field is applied, its damping results can be further improved to meet the active control purpose.


magnetorheological elastomer; fiber metal hybrid composite beam; magnetic field intensity; vibration characteristics; damping ratio

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