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Tribological Property Study of Xanthate Acetic Ester in Hydrogenated Oil

LEIJuanhong, LIUJian, XIONGLiping, YANGXue, HEZhongyi


Xanthate was used as an initial reactant to synthesis two kinds of novel xanthate-containing acetic ester additives (HX and OX), and a four-ball machine was used as tribological tester to appraise their tribological behaviors in hydrogenated oil (10cst). The test results indicated that the as-synthesized additives possess good extreme pressure, antiwear and antifriction properties. The shorter carbon chains acetic ester, the better tribological properties the higher sulfur content. The action mechanism was estimated by analysis of the XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) and SEM (scanning electron microscope) results of the worn steel ball surface, and the results illustrated that the protective film containing ferric sulfide and ferric sulfate compound was formed on the worn steel ball surface by xanthate acetic ester , and the protective film has good tribological properties.


acetic ester derivative; additive; hydrogenated oil; tribological mechanism

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