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Kansei Engineering Analysis of Purple-clay Teapot Based on Online Comment Data

ZHANGXinyu, QIBin, YANGYanpu, SUNXiaoming


Product form has become an important communication medium between designers and consumers. Therefore, the collection and analysis of consumer evaluation of products can provide an important reference index for product form design. In this paper, purple-clay teapot was taken as an example and comments of Tmall consumers were collected through web crawler, and the product image vocabulary was extracted to analyze the needs of users. Using the research method of Kansei Engineering, the semantic space of the modeling and image of purple-clay teapot was established, and the relationship between the modeling elements and the image of purple-clay teapot was searched, which could provide valuable reference for the modeling design of purple-clay teapot.


Kansei Engineering; image semantic; purple-clay teapot; crawler; quantitative theory

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