Mechanical Engineering Science

A System of Image Recognition-Based Railway Foreign Object Intrusion Monitoring Design

WANGBeiyuan (Shanghai Bearing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.), WANGLingqi (Shanghai Bearing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.), GUChuanya (Shanghai Bearing Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.)


The monitoring system designed in this paper is on account of YOLOv5 (You Only Look Once) to monitor foreign objects on railway tracks and can broadcast the monitoring information to the locomotive in real time. First, the general structure of the system is determined through demand analysis and feasibility analysis, the foreign object intrusion recognition algorithm is designed, and the data set required for foreign object intrusion recognition is made. Secondly, according to the functional demands, the system selects a suitable neural web, and the programming is reasonable. At last, the system is simulated to validate its functionality (identification and classification of track intrusion and determination of a safe operating zone).


Railway; Deep learning; YOLOv5; Image intelligent recognition; Obstacle detection

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