Mechanical Engineering Science

Simulation research on dynamic performance of the new type high-pressure solenoid valve

YUQihui, WANGQiancheng, ZHANGKaifei, ZHENGWeiwei


To improve energy density, the transportation, storage, and operations of hydrogen, methane, and compressed air vehicles currently require high-pressure compression. High-pressure solenoid valve becomes the vital element to above system. In order to reduce leakage and aerodynamic force influence, a new type high-pressure solenoid valve was proposed. The simulation model which included electromagnetic model, aerodynamic force model was established by means of the nonlinear mathematic models. Using the software MATLAB/Simulink for simulation, the dynamic response characteristics of high-pressure pneumatic solenoid valve were obtained under different pulse width modulation (PWM) input control signals. Results show that, first of all, the new type of high-pressure solenoid valve can meet the switch requirement. Secondly, the opening movement and closing movement of the spool lags the PWM rising signal, and the coil current fluctuates significantly during the movement of the spool. Lastly, on/off status of high-pressure valve cannot be represented by the duty cycle. This research can be referred in the design of the high-pressure solenoid valve..


high-pressure solenoid valve; dynamic response performance; pulse width modulation; the duty cycle

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