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The Effect of Graphene Oxide on Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortar

FANLei (School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Zhejiang University of Science & Technology; Zhejiang- Singapore Joint Laboratory for Urban Renewal and Future City), ZHENGJinhao (School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Zhejiang University of Science & Technology; Zhejiang- Singapore Joint Laboratory for Urban Renewal and Future City)


Cement is widely used in engineering applications, but it has both the characteristics of high brittleness and poor bending resistance. In this paper, the effects of different amounts of graphene oxide on the flexural strength and compressive strength of cement mortar were studied by doping a certain amount of graphene oxide with cement mortar, and the strengthening mechanism of graphene oxide on cement mortar was obtained through microstructure detection. It is found that graphene oxide has a significant enhancement effect on the macroscopic mechanical properties of cement mortar, and graphene oxide provides nano-nucleation sites and growth templates for cement mortar, accelerates the hydration process, reduces the voids between hydration products, greatly increases the compactness, and improves the macroscopic properties of cement-based materials.


Graphene oxide; Cement mortar; Mechanical properties; Microscopic analysis

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