Research and Application of Materials Science

Research and Application of Recycled Concrete Technology in Prefabricated Buildings

DENGShanshan (Chongqing Telecommunication Polytechnic College), SHIGang (Chongqing yuxi water conservancy and electric power survey and design institute CO., LTD.), SHANGChao (Chengde Thermal Power Engineering Installation Co., Ltd.), ZHOUFuchuan (Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering), GasperMasabo (Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering; Undergraduate Architecture and Civil Engineering, Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology {DIT}), M. KazianaMasiko (Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering; Undergraduate Architecture and Civil Engineering, Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology {DIT})


The utilization of waste concrete as a raw material for recycled concrete in the domain of prefabricated components is garnering greater interest. This paper delineates and examines the concept, categorization, methodologies of preparation, applicable sectors, and evaluative metrics of recycled concrete technology, highlighting its prospective benefits. Nonetheless, for the successful integration of recycled concrete technology into prefabricated component applications, it is imperative to systematically enhance its physical, mechanical, and attributes, as well as its environmental efficacy. Moreover, to foster the continued advancement of recycled concrete technology, innovative initiatives, standardization, educational programs, demonstration projects, and collaborative efforts are crucial to promote broader adoption and realize improved outcomes within the realm of prefabricated components. In conclusion, recycled concrete technology is poised to play a pivotal role in prefabricated construction, offering robust support for propelling the construction industry towards a sustainable future.


recycled concrete; prefabricated buildings; Environmental performance assessment

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