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Three-dimensional Porous Graphene/Polyaniline Hybrids for High Performance Supercapacitor Electrodes

HOUZhaoxia, SHIPeng, ZOUShengnan


Graphene-based composites took extensive attraction as electrodes for supercacitors these years. Three-dimensional cross-linking porous graphene (3D rGO-m) was obtained by KOH activation to graphene modified by 1,2,4-triaminobenzene. 3D porous graphene/ polyaniline hybrids (3D rGO-m/PANI) was prepared by the in-situ chemical oxidative polymerization. The rGO-m are reconstructed from 2D to 3D porous structure after KOH activation. The PANI nanorod arrays are successfully decorated on the surface of the 3D porous graphene sheets. The specific capacitance of the 3D rGO-m/PANI hybrids reach 985 F/g at 0.5 A/g. The capacitance retention of 3D rGO-m/PANI maintains 90% of its initial capacity after 1000 cycles, while rGO-m/PANI only keeps 83% of its initial capacity, the cycling stability of both hybrids are higher than that of pure PANI (69%).


three dimension; porous graphene; polyaniline; hybrid materials; supercapacitor

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