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Research Advances of Typical Two Dimensional Layered Thermoelectric Materials

HUANGHaihua, FANXiaofeng


Thermoelectric technologies have caught our intense attention due to their ability of heat conversion into electricity. The considerable efforts have been taken to develop and enhance thermoelectric properties of materials over the past several decades. Recently, two-dimensional layered materials are making the promise for potential applications of thermoelectric devices because of the excellent physical and structural properties. Here, a comprehensive coverage about recent progresses in thermoelectric properties of typical two dimensional (2D) layered materials, including the theoretical and experimental results, is provided. Moreover, the potential applications of 2D thermoelectric materials are also involved. These results indicate that the development of 2D thermoelectric materials take a key role in the flexible electronic devices with thermoelectric technologies.


thermoelectric properties; transport properties; 2D layered materials; figure of merit, first-principle calculations

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