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Neutron Diffraction Study on the Magnetic Structure of 153EuMnO3-δ: One Way to Assess the Magnetic Structure of EuMnO3-δ

MAXing, FARIDMuhammad, LIJian, YANGAimei, LIGuobao, LIAOFuhui, LIULaijun, LINJianhua


Owing to the strong neutron absorption of 151Eu, 151Eu free 153EuMnO3-δ has been synthesized to collect the neutron diffraction data for analyzing the magnetic structure of EuMnO3-δ. The obtained neutron diffraction data of 153EuMnO3-δ indicates that the magnetic diffraction peaks corresponding to cAAFM (canted A-type antiferromagnetic) phase can be observed, but the magnetic diffraction peaks corresponding to expected ICAFM (incommensurate antiferromagnetic) phase may be too weak to be observed.


Magnetic structure; Neutron diffraction; 153EuMnO3; Perovskite

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