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One Novel Zn(II) Nitro-containing Metal Organic Framework for Dye-Adsorption and Photo Degradation

LiWeiqi, DuXieao, HeHaiyan


A novel metal-organic framework [Zn0.5(L1 )(4,4'-Bpy)0.5], (HU21, HU for Hohai University, L1 = 4-hydroxy-3-nitrobenzoic acid, 4,4'-bipyridine= 4,4'-Bpy), has been isolated through hydro-thermal reaction. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction reveals the compound features a 1D fishbone-like chain. A fast adsorption rate of methylene blue with HU21 was observed in the dark, but under irritation the degradation rate of the dye was obviously increased. The degradation of methylene blue dye reached 248 mg/g under light irritation, and the photocatalytic activity reached 96.1%.


Metal organic frameworks; Hydrothermal reaction; Photocatalyst; Dye adsorption;

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