Mechanical Engineering Science

Experimental Simulation and Verification of Position Servo Control of Mechanical Rodless Cylinder

ZHANGYeming, LIKaimin, YUEHongwei, HEShuangyang, LIDongyuan, LYUKun, WEIFeng


In order to improve the position control accuracy of rodless cylinder, the valve control cylinder system based on pneumatic proportional servo is studied deeply. According to the working principle of the mechanical rodless cylinder control system, under the condition of uniform speed, the driving voltage of the proportional valve is changed to measure multiple sets of friction force and corresponding velocity data. Analyzed the physical structure of each component in pneumatic system, established the mathematical model of pneumatic system, and introduced MATLAB system identification toolbox to identify the parameters of the transfer function. and the experiment verifies its correctness.


mechanical rodless cylinder; friction characteristics; mathematical model; parameter identification

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