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Content and Method of Studying Minority Traditional Villages and Dwellings Based on Cultural Geography

DINGChuanbiao, XIAODawei


It is of great significance to strengthen the research on minority traditional villages and dwellings for maintaining ethnic multicultural ecology and promoting the revitalization of rural culture. In ethnic minority villages and houses the urgency of the research and protection, this paper discusses the cultural geography for the applicability of the ethnic minority villages and residential research, from the cultural ecology, cultural diffusion, regionalization and integration, culture and landscape, space and place, the respect such as comprehensive mechanism illustrates the traditional residence in ethnic minority villages and cultural geography research content and the advantage. This paper probes into the methods of cultural geography to reveal the characteristic cultural connotation of minority traditional villages, which lays a foundation for deepening disciplinary research and protecting minority villages. Taking Yao nationality as an example, this paper puts forward the framework of minority villages and dwellings research, aiming to further promote the breadth and depth of minority villages and dwellings research.


ethnic minorities; cultural geography; traditional villages and dwellings; Yao nationality

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