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Structure evolution in undercooled CoCrNi medium entropy alloys by glass fluxing method



Undercooling of ternary CoCrNi medium entropy alloy (MEA) was achieved by molten glass fluxing method. The influence of undercooling on microstructure and mechanical properties of was investigated. The microstructure changes during the undercooling process identified by transmission electron microscope and scanning electron microscope shows that the grain size and intergranular phase all change after the undercooling treatment. The yield strength of the ternary MEA increased significantly after undercooling treatment, which attribute to the refined grain size and the formation of the new phase. Undercooling method can be used as a potential method to modify the microstructure and improve the mechanical properties of MEAs.


Medium-entropy alloy; undercooling; microstructure; mechanical properties

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